Enterprise target: to excellent product quality, superior management level, high quality market performance, without borders of setting up a shing lung king brand.


Enterprise idea: tree character, choice, its brand


Enterprise spirit: dedication, team, innovation


Quality policy: people-oriented, manufacturing quality, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement


Enterprise quality: the quality of the products is my self-esteem, product quality is my character.


Enterprise culture construction is the soul of enterprise. Chinese enterprises after the entry into the wto, on a sound system of perfect modern enterprise management is facing a new topic, and put forward higher requirements for enterprise management. Shanghai Zhi hong is the core of enterprise management, from content to deepen to the quality level of "taking quality as the base" management new concept, corporate culture, represents a new management concept is the foundation of the theory to promote enterprise development.


Qinghe County Chenglong Filter Factory in the years to deepen reform is closely combined with the enterprise production and operation management, gradually formed unique "lung shing tianma" cultural construction model, established the "lung shing tianma" cultural connotation; Product quality, ensure the development of the enterprise and the prestige, quality to ensure that the new post, the implementation of the technology. Enterprise overall quality, in order to protect the entire enterprise's cohesive force, centripetal force. Product quality is the goal, the core of personnel quality is the key to realize the objective measures. Enterprise quality is if a command is due to the reliable safeguard, be in harmony are an organic whole is complementary to each other three "taking quality as the base" of the spirit of "long cheng tianma" culture.

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